Monday, December 11, 2017

Pretty in Pink Christmas - Bedrooms

Hello again!

Thank you so much for visiting my PRETTY IN PINK Christmas Home Tour

As promised, I will be sharing more of our Christmas decorations thru out the home today starting off with the BEDROOM.

Like I mentioned, I finished this room this November for the One Room Challenge, and since it's practically new, I just added a few touches of Christmas here and there.

Snowflake ornaments on the mantel and shelves...

Snow flake light on the window

I placed this PB pillow here 
I changed my bedding to grey and pink to go with my "pink Christmas"theme

Over at Sophia's room, no need for additional Pink since it already is!

She chose what type of tree she wanted

I love this decor I scored from the Target Wondershop last year
And finally my son's room...

I love the vintage wooden soldiers on the bedside tables

His favorite Santa, Jack Skellington

And of course, his Charlie Brown Christmas tree
I still have one more Christmas post to share with you, the kitchen particularly, so I hope you come back. I want to share with you too a NIGHT TIME TOUR of our home.  I think at night, the home just looks somewhat more magical!

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pretty in Pink Christmas Home Tour - Living and Dining Room

Hello Friends and WELCOME!!!

"Come on in!"
I'm finally ready to open up our home once again to people in the blogosphere for this wonderful Christmas tradition of Home tours! As you can see, I am joining two fabulous home tours, which by now, are both close to finishing so I bet, YOU ARE INSPIRED to the nines like I am!

If you are coming from Home by Heidi or Setting for Four, you are already blown away by their beautiful homes, I hope I do not fall short! ;-) But before we get into business, I need to thank a few special people in making this possible...

Thank you so much Marty @A Stroll thru Life
for letting me join once again this amazing group!

Thank you to Jenny of Evolution of Style,  Amy & Christy of 11 Magnolia Lane
who once again gave me the honor of joining their fabulous home tour!

Special thanks to our 12 DAYS OF HOLIDAY HOMES sponsor 2 years in a row,
LYNCH CREEK FARMS! Appreciate your support so much in our meager endeavors and truly
love all your products!!!! Kudos to your great company!
Ok, so as my daughter said, "Come on in!" 

Welcome to our Living room!

We used our new tree this year, actually we bought it 2 years ago, but I ended up using our old tree for last year. I love how narrower this new tree is, same 7.5' height like all my other trees are, but since the space is so limited, I think this narrower tree fits the space perfectly!

I made most of the major ornaments on the tree, I started with basic white glass balls and painted away using different shades of acrylic pinks! I also copied this tutorial from Alice & Lois for my DIY marbled ones! Such fun projects!

You can check them out on my IG HERE

Peonies for Christmas? Why not! ;-)

I tied pink ribbons on my plain pink pillows inspired by Driven by Decor

Simple coffeetable vignette

Over by the stairs, it's the first time that I've hung fresh Cedar garland I ordered from Lynch Creek Farms on the banister and I love it!

Mix of old and new trees here

I also think that my original watercolor abstracts from Gina Julian are perfect for my Pink Christmas!

Placed Christmas cards we get here too!

Now, let's go to the Dining Room!

Pink and Red All over!

Showcased my Vintage Ceramic Pink Tree on the table this year!

I got these Kate Spade plates from TJ Maxx, the gold flatware is a score from Jennifer at Dimples & Tangles

I think I'm starting a Gingerbread house collection, I scored this big one from AT HOME. Actually I missed out on the really big one I wanted. I saw it, didn't get it and when I went back, it was gone! ;-( Lesson learned, when you love something, just get it, especially around Christmas tim,  returns are easy anyway.

Our elf, Buddy, is trying to eat it!

I will also share some snippets from the Kitchen and bedrooms here, but since the post is getting too long, I will do a separate one for these rooms later on.

Our Master Bedroom - I finished this for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE this November, and
if you want to check it out, do so HERE

My DIY Christmas Prints for our Breakfast area

My Daughter's Peppa Pig Tree

My Mini Chanel Tree inside our closet (giving my husband clues is getting harder and harder)! ;-)

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree in my son's room (check out how long ago I've set up this room)

I hope you enjoyed this very "girlie" Christmas we have going on here. I'm so glad my husband and my boys are not complaining about all the PINKS in the house! LOL! 

Please check out the other fabulous homes of Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality  and Home by Heidi if you haven't done so yet! I also added all the links of the homes you may have missed below!

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!


 Would love to hear your thoughts! Please share away...

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

ORC Week 7 - Master Bedroom Re-do Reveal


First of all I need to thank Linda for hosting this amazing blogging event,  as well as the sponsors, since we know we wouldn't have been motivated as much if it weren't for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE

Other than having better rooms in our homes, the ORC literally SAVED my home this time since we discovered pesky termites on our floors just starting to wreak havoc, so thank goodness, renovation this time was literally a HOUSE SAVER!

It's been a gruelling 7 weeks and here we are at last. After decorating like a mad woman (which I thoroughly enjoy BTW, yikes!), we have reached this important day. I added the links to most of the sources in the room at the end of the post in case your interested. And of course, other than all the awesome feature bloggers rooms (which were unbelievably good as always) you can see them HERE, I also saw some fantastic spaces in the guest participants rooms as well ( Check them out HERE)! I hope you will enjoy seeing my room too, because as my husband said, "It's your best room so far babe..." ;-) SWEET!

Ta- Da!
Just to remind you the room when we first moved in here...
Our room after our first re-do


We really love how the entire room turned out! And I am happy how the wallpaper panels turned out too! My math teacher would be proud since my measuring added up with the bed, vanity and dresser as well. I ended up choosing a Changing table as a dresser since it had the right look and size. We're also enjoying the FLOR tile carpet we ended up choosing!

I'm glad the heights for both sides are somewhat equal too for the lamps.

I love that I could easily turn the lamps away and towards the bed depending on our need.
My Homegoods find last year

My Vanity Table/Mini-desk/office is perfect!

I put all my night time beauty essentials on a tray by the bed and some of my stationary here too!

My husband and I loved this limited print art work we scored from HG
The Dresser topped with glass is the  perfect perch for some display, everything else are inside the drawers.

Lounge/reading area
I only kept 3 old things in the room - the chair above, the bench and the fireplace screen doors. Everything else is new. The chair was a gift from me to my husband the first year we moved into this house, and my husband absolutely loves this big thing ( have to keep it for sentimentality and also for his happiness! LOL!)! I added a pharmacy lamp here so it's the perfect reading nook,  for everyone actually ( bedtime stories are read here a lot already)!

Did you notice my curtains?

I adore the scallop details on them. The rods are amazon finds and the finials are crystal like, beautiful.

The other old thing that stayed in the room, this bench, an estate sale find, which had hints of blue and grey.
Now, let me show you the opposite side of the bed...

We've got built-ins!

Just a Reminder of the sad before...
I love that we have shelving and more storage space for things that I do want to see and display day in and day out!

The shiplap wall behind the TV turned out great.

New fireplace surround
I kept the old brass doors for sentimental reasons again, I just want a reminder of where the room was before. I'm just 'funny & weird' that way, and I also had a hard time finding replacement doors in this kind of brass. The stone surround is Danby Marble and it was a bit of pain to get, this by far was the longest thing we had to wait for in the room, but in the end, I think it was all worth the wait.

I was glad the picture lights turned out perfect too!

Do you notice where my blur-ray player is at? Or any of the wires for that matter?

We were able to hide all the wires behind the new built-ins, the backing on the shelving as I showed you in previous weeks, are removable. The blu-ray player is between the books underneath an acrylic stand I bought to hold some of my religious items (the joys of being a Catholic ;-0). I also zhushed up the drawers with these brass drawer corners.

Check out the Cabinet hardware details

me & my loves

I added a small gallery wall as you enter the room. I displayed some of our favorite pictures together thru the years including our original wedding portrait (17 years ago, yikes)! I just wanted the room to feel that it's OURS,  OUR HAVEN. I still had some photos of our kids (other than all around the house) in here, but I wanted them to take the 'back seat' to ours. ;-)

More about us...

Have to have family here too...

Thank you for seeing my room and visiting my blog! I also want to thank those who followed me thru my renovation journey this time around, you know who you are, it really helps to have some support with a project like this! A BIG 'Thank you' too for my husband who is my biggest cheerleader and supporter in every aspect , I love you!

And now, if you haven't checked out all the fabulous spaces for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE, go and check them out HERE.

Have a Great Day!


Furniture & Decor
Marbled blue wall art and Bedside Arch lamps - HOMEGOODS
Enjoy the Simple things pillow - H & M
Gold Cross &  - WISTERIA
Bench - Estate Sale find